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Saturday, January 12, 2013

This is the guise of Jesus

The sign the middle aged woman was holding said “I Need Kindness”. Being vague what she was asking for, I watched to see the reactions of people. Some smiled, most looked away, some went the extra effort to frown.

It is hard to understand why someone would not want to give away a smile when they are free. Do they not understand that smiles are contagious? That it is good for both the giver and the recipient? Something so simple can change a person’s life. A smile gives acknowledgement to another human being that they are worthy. It is the cheapest easiest gift to give another.

Those who make an effort to connect know the value of kindness. They know kindness multiplies when paid forward, expecting nothing in return. The feel good feeling overwhelms your heart till it wants to burst with gladness. That is what compassion is. To care about the welfare of another human. To understand what affects one effect all in some form or fashion.  

Why do some people only give when they expect to get that pat on the back, the paper of recognition, or the tax break? The jags, beamers, and benz that quickly pass by totally ignoring the potential in people because they only see face value in their materialistic World. The haves VS the have not. The sick game of keeping up with the Jones, in a never ending search for more, bigger, and better. The empty hole that never gets filled no matter how big, how much, or who they acquire. Trophies that line the walls and shelves, sitting on a pedestal to be admired idolized as worth in their lives.  

Those who would rather inflict harm on others they consider less fortunate. What sick effort to hurt others has a reward? The Law of cause and effect, what goes around comes around, the Karmic lesson in life. To hurt is to be hurt. To love and be loved is the greatest feeling to be accomplish.

To love others unconditionally is not to judge how they have reacted to the hurts and negative actions of others in their lives. Their self confidence shattered by allowing others to dictate their worth. Some spiral downward into the disease of alcoholism and addiction. It is a Spiritual malady of self-pitiful incomprehensible demoralization that accompanies the disease. This is not to say that all who are homeless suffer from alcoholism addiction or mental illness. Circumstances dictate actions. We choose to make them positive or negative.

Standing with a sign seeking kindness and a solution is much better than stealing your needs and wants. Unfortunately taking what you want causes Social problems. Those who feel entitled, superior and justified in their actions to acquire wealth do not understand that wealth is not monetary. That insatiable hole will never be filled from the outside. Those who have the least give the most. Hoping the favor returned should they be in the same position.

It is service that is good for the soul. Serving for the benefit of humanity is what brings Peace to Earth. Helping those different than you brings the change you seek. Only when we do for others can we do for ourselves. Teaching our children the generations follow. Those who show their children compassion for others are the Angels walking the Earth. The ones who give hugs, kind words and acknowledgement to those considered undesirable to the masses. This is what Jesus would do. Not dress in the finest clothing to worship in a church that condemns the homeless wearing rags, the poor who ask for their daily bread. Those struggling to find hope in a World of condemnation and pain. The deliberate crucifixion of those deemed as different. The outcast kept at bay from the gated communities who recognize others by the bar code on their cars. Signalizing they are worthy of their kind words and deeds. The privileged few who are so unwilling to share the wealth without prestige attached. It is not that giving a dollar away would break them. It is the recognition attached they seek. The shallow EGO fed soul that has a never ending bottomless pit to fulfillment.

Why show kindness, love, and compassion to another with no care to reward? Because it is a feeling no money can buy. The pit in your stomach that does flips of joy in the happiness it brings to another soul, helping you to be grateful that your problems could be worse. The hand up you give someone could be the hand that feeds you someday. No one is invincible. Fate can be cruel. As can Karma. Consider all who have been left homeless after Mother Nature shed her fury. When you have nothing left to lose you will learn what really matters in life. This is the guise of Jesus.

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