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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Merry Happy and Baa hum bug

Merry Happy and Baa hum bug.

In wonder and amazement we follow the stars, sailing through the Heavens above. Leading us to a new birth, a Christ like consciousness, understanding the meaning of hope. To live as a beacon of light and love to all people, teaching the lessons of living as a Spiritual being following Good Orderly Direction. Living, loving, laughing and healing people, living as you preach.

Materialistic symbols of love in the possessions of people, places, and things. Impress or repress by profit or gain. What is the meaning behind the gift we give once a year? To clear the conscious of remorse, regret, and pain. The gifts from the hearts delight, to inspire and congratulate with love. The best of all come and go with no strings attached.

Our loss, the withdrawal in distance from our families numbs us. Painful childhood memories follow through unless broken. The toys, with thoughts of our hopes, and dreams, are they shattered or do we still have faith?

Seeing the glimmer of a bright star signals a new birth having faith of a better life with Good will and Peace on Earth. Wishing to all a Blessed Season The wish for you what you wish for thee. Can we all live happy, joyous, and free?