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Monday, September 02, 2013

Seeking Kindness

This is what life is like behind the sign, Who are the people who stand with signs seeking your kindness? Why do they do it? Is it possible to get a place to live and work through the good graces of strangers? A documentary is being made to showcase the struggle of the homeless to get a place to live and work to support them. You will not view the homeless in the same light again.

Tired of being HomeFree Have not found a decent job that would support me. After my 8th business GLoLady TV was destroyed by Buncombe County Government. I was Targeted and Falsely Arrested in another attempt to silence my voice from revealing corruption. They stopped me from volunteering in their Jail. The actions of Elected Officials in WNC caused me to become homeless. They took my jobs and Laughed.

 I hope to see enough Kindness to get a place to live so I can start over One More Time.

Thank you for your Kindness!

Please see my Portfolio's One & Two. You will see what I have done, what I can do and my potential to do more.

GLoLadys Portfolio part two Featuring James Crouch Music

GLoLady's Portfolio 1980-2002

Have a job for me? Place to live? Want to invest in a new business?