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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Criminal Greed

The Criminal Justice System is the profit of the War on Drugs. Bigger jails and prisons to house the growing numbers the Court system has deemed as bad people. These human beings are afflicted by a deadly addiction or a disease. Why do we not address these issues instead of making career criminals of them? Is it the profit in the disease and decay in Society that Corporate thrives upon? These are sick people and should have been addressed as such.

With the money spent to house an inmate that usually becomes a repeat offender if drugs and alcohol are a factor. Why not put these people in a treatment program and build them up as a valuable member of Society instead of adding to their lack of self esteem and damnation. If they were to be healed after a time or two in treatment is that not a substantial savings in the need for Criminal prosecution of such?

The judges who see these people repeatedly should be held accountable for the repeat offence as much as the person who stands in front of them. Where does the problem lie or does anyone care? If we keep breeding a cesspool of sickness then it will continue to multiply through out the Nations. Do we want a solution or will we allow the profit of the disease and decay in Society by a limited few?