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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tampa Bay’s Got Talent

It was freakin hilarious watching the people auditioning for a co-host position on The Bone 102.5 radio station, but then that is why the releases were required. Just to make deliberate asses of the people? Why else would you ply people with alcohol at 10 am and offer no food to soak it up, when the majority of people were lucky to catch breakfast before lining up to get numbers for 1st appearance in front of unknown influential judges. That action weeded out potential nightmares with public appearances. Sounds like a good excuse for not serving food. Hopefully, they will do otherwise next time. Which if I do enter, there will be NO blue voltage mountain dew to fuel me. Between that and nerves, no wonder I lost my train of thought. Sugar has a way of short circuiting the wires in our brains.

We wonder why our kids can’t sit still and focus. I can attest to that one. Even though I never would have entered the competition had I known what it was from the start, I would enter it again. This time well rested and fed, to give it my best shot.

Looking for a job that I want to do and pays money, I had responded to a craigslist ad for a Co-host position on the radio, starting salary $42,500. Not knowing who or what I applied on Dec 17, 2012. This was the response:

 Thank you very much for you response to our craigslist ad regarding our
potential Radio Co-Host position.  As I am sure you can imagine we have
been inundated with applicants.  Accordingly, we have to find a way to
separate those that are serious from those who are just trolling for a job
- any job.

However, we want to emphasize that an applicant with years of radio
experience does *not* necessarily have an advantage over an applicant with
no radio experience.  It is our goal to find the next "big" star and
experience isn't a must.  We see the best candidate as one who knows how to
promote oneself, has a talkative personality and a unique delivery.

That being said - here is what the next step for consideration is going to

Please provide a :60 second audio file (MP3 format only) stating why you
think you are the right person for the job. This audio file will show us
who is serious and who is not.  We don't expect (nor do we want) a slick
produced demo.  We want just you and your voice telling us why we should
move you to the next step for consideration.



Then on January 14, 2013, I get this email:

My name is Sherman Baldwin.  I will be your contact name from here in out
and for all emails addressed to

This Saturday at 9am at the Ritz Ybor I will be participating in the “Tampa
Bay’s Got Talent” show put on by 102.5 – The Bone.  This open audition

format event is open to any and all that show up.  You don’t need me to
enter but what I can offer you is the opportunity to get noticed.

 You have already demonstrated your ability to have a chance at getting
this radio gig which includes $1,000 cash, a 90 day contract and the chance
to have a permanent position on the station.  That being said, the odds
remain low unless you can differentiate yourself from the hordes that have
no real talent and no real drive to get this gig.  I have some suggestions
which if you follow exactly will greatly increase your chances in getting

If you are interested, please read on…

Please arrive at the Ritz Ybor at 8:30am – no later!
The Ritz Ybor
1503 E 7th Ave
Tampa, FL 33605
Bring at least 3 friends – this is critically important

Bring at least 3 can goods items to benefit a “Feeding America – Tamp Bay”

You and all your guests bring a blue bandana or handkerchief.

If you follow my instructions exactly – you greatly increase your odds of

This email is going out only to those people that have demonstrated the
desire and ability to possibly get this gig.  Many others will be showing
up and they likely won’t stand a chance.

You don’t need me to audition but you need my help to get noticed.

This event will likely be covered by the local TV Stations, Newspapers and
of course on 102.5.  It possibly could go national as well.

You must follow my instructions exactly.  Want to take a chance?  It’s a
long shot but aren’t the best things in life long shots?

Please email me back your name, phone number and names of your guests by no
later than Thursday, January 17th at 12 Noon.

Once you have emailed me I will give you further details.  I guarantee you
this will be a lot of fun and could change your life.

I wish you the best of luck.

This was the first time that I knew what station was putting on this event. After questioning the legitimacy of the ad, On January 16, 2012, I received this email:

A couple of things...

1)      I want to make sure all of you understand that I am not nor have I ever been connected to 102.5 The Bone, its parent company or affiliates.  I had started working on this program on my own when I placed the craigslist ad on November 24th, 2012.  The response was so overwhelming that I decided to present it to Tampa Bay radio station groups to see if they wanted to take the idea over and create a good promotion and most importantly an opportunity for somebody to get a start in a very competitive industry.  That being said, 102.5 – the Bone also came up with the idea and made it a reality.  Maybe they heard that I was doing it and beat me to the punch or it was completely a new idea for them – which either is entirely possible.  Regardless,
The bone is offering a real opportunity to get a start in the radio
business.  A 90 day contract is a real shot at getting a long-term show.  I commend them for putting on this promotion.  So many people are out of work in this economic climate that it makes sense to be creative and ingenious.  The Bone has done just that.

2)      Please disregard the part of my email about bringing canned goods to the event.  I left a message with Michael Sharkey – the program director at the Bone and he has not gotten back to me so I must assume that there is just not enough time for them to work with Feeding America – Tampa Bay at this event. If you feel so inclined please drop off any canned goods directly to Feeding America.  There address is:

4702 Transport Drive

Building 6

Tampa, FL 33605

P: 813-254-1190

In conclusion – I wish you all the best of luck this Saturday.  I too will be a contestant and I look forward to a great event.  If you still want to bring the blue bandanas and wave them around while in the audience – I recommend you do so but only wave them around when asked to do so - so it will have the biggest impact.  I hope this has cleared up any confusion and I know there is a huge amount of Talent in the Tampa Bay area.  The Bone has found a way to tap into it and I commend them for that.


Sherman L. Baldwin

In other words, where was misrepresentation? In doing research, I had found Sherman had a questionable past. Giving everyone the benefit of doubt, I checked out and pre-registered for the live audition. Maybe some day I will find out the whole truth. One thing I know for sure, there are scams galore on Craigslist.
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