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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Guns don’t kill people

If man has been killing man since the beginning of time, then guns are not the problem.  Anger, Hate, Envy, Violence are a few of the deadly sins behind murder.  When violence is used as a form of entertainment the line between realities gets blurred in acceptable behavior.  It is the violent negative stories that get the focus of the front page news.  The ultimate video game Prize in Notoriety, a place in History books for the mentally ill who seek fame.

Take away guns there are still rocks, sticks, fire and all that has been used as weapons of war before guns.  The only way to stop violence is to prevent it.  To identify the problem is to find a solution.  What disease ails us?   Who did you last point your finger at?  If thoughts create form than whom have you hurt?  Being responsible for our own thoughts, actions, and words may they be of love?

The chemical imbalance in people can be addressed with proper nutrition.  Not the artificial, GMO, processed food, spirits that short circuit our nervous systems causing personality changes. Thoughts, word, actions that we normally would not think say or do.
The pharmaceutical drugs that are given without consideration of long term effects of possible generations afflicted as a result of non disclosure over profit.

People Kill People with any means they can.  Until we come together as a Society, that is the problem. The solution is not getting rid of any and everything used to kill people.  If that would happen, we would all have to walk around hand less?
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