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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Injustice in Volusia County Courts

Sitting in Volusia County Courthouse in Daytona, Florida after listening to the public defender offer two years probation as a plea bargain presented by the DA.  The threat of using a juvenile record to link another crime makes it easier for everyone, except the innocent accused of the crime.  The police who target, the public defender who is so backlogged in cases he is lucky if he remembers the name let alone any information regarding the case.  Now the victim has moved and the State will have to fly him back in for the trial.  Who is ready for trial or is everyone continued so the wave will crash in the future?

A prisoner speaks up as to his lack of representation by the public defender.  The Judge was getting upset as to the options, self representation, use the public defender given to him, or continue for more time.  Pushed to continue by his jeering public defender, the man is continuing to bank roll the jail a little longer.  The deputy reprimands a prisoner looking into the public seating, the defendants awaiting their fate, the victim ready to testify. 

The jesting matches of Justice, whose sharpest tongue is the sword of choice, the letter of the Law applied by those who memorize common statues and tortes.  Processing like cattle in a stockyard each to a different pen.  Most being sent out to fatten some more, hopefully another charge is acquired and the plot thickens. The poor, ignorant, and trusting people who believed there was Justice served in court.  Instead they are lambs led to slaughter, processed into a system that is run by the wolves, licking their chops at the innocence of new stock.  Not knowing their Civil rights and the devious actions that are used in prosecuting the innocent.  The majority looked like they had no home to keep themselves let alone the retirement for the criminal justice system that eats high on the hog of the poor.

Heaven forbid the Cannabis charge carries more time then grand theft auto.  Hearing that over the disrespectful Assistant District Attorneys sitting in a group in the jury box, talking over the people in the court room, like a reunion catching up with each other’s lives.  How can anyone hear the seriousness of the Judge trying to do a good job preventing the travesty of innocent guilt?           

Another prisoner speaks up regarding evidence the public defender will not present for the plaintiff that would result in a dismissal.  The arrogant attitude of the public defender controlling the lives of people is overwhelming.  A deputy asserting his authority to the people sitting, pointing his finger to someone who had quietly communicated to a prisoner loudly ejected her from the courtroom.  Then denied the prisoner his day in court.  If they did not show support would seem more the criminal act. 

Sober, mentally alert, competent to make a decision in the sentencing, or do they just want to hurry the process along so they would not have to waste another day, waiting in the cattle line for processing.

Sitting in court I see more injustice then justice. This free attorney appointed for your defense is nothing short of a railroad into the prison system.  They play with peoples lives like they do not care, the puppets on a string dancing merrily along for the paycheck.  Officers getting ready to pounce on the prisoner speaking, his paperwork not catching up, lost in the system. What system, other than a system of revenue to profit off the disease and decay in Society. I see no justice being served.

After speaking with the public defender who suggested an unreasonable plea bargain we requested he asked for dismissal due to prejudiced evidence with malicious prosecution.  The State’s witness had not complied with the requested deposition and moved out of State.  Instead the public defender requested another continuance.  Isn’t he supposed to represent the good of his client?  To disregard requested actions and seek further delay shows adequate cause to back up in the system. How many innocent pleas just to get the charges over with or get sentenced for crimes they do not commit? Why do we have a criminal justice system?  It is not for the profit, because crime does not pay.
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