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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Colors in you and me

My job is to plant seeds for another point of view. If they grow, they grow, it is not all about me and you.

I am colorful.... not crazy.... different than you but I am not blue.

You’re looking yellow as a chicken or green with jealously?

Up on a pink cloud the skies so clear, the blue it is unreal. No pollution to distort the appeal.

Such beauty in the mountains the cities are pleasures of skin.

If we used our red for passion in love and not the anger leads to blood and things turn black.

Orange the fruit with healing it is the color too.

Purple the color of Royalty of Heavenly Astral planes.

The rainbow effect in the proud red white and blue how is you?

The multi colors in your coat of arms that plain. Is it worn from the times you stumbled and crawled or worn proudly in vain?

The iridescent bubble surrounds me as I bounce happily along.

The sharp pricks of your boxes have done their damage too, black and white so plainly seen conformed it’s true.

Multi colors scents of spice, oh sugar are you nice?

For this lesson what is your price?

The Ancients told the coat of many colors so well worn, beginning with a crown of thorn.

We are born again above the sin I am better than you they cry.

When held inside the poison festers till it spews and splashes your view.

How many will die before we see the colors in you and me?

What comes after the Bible?

What comes after the Bible? Since the Bible is but a written existence of man and history repeats its self, if nothing changes, nothing changes. His-story sucks.

All great civilizations before us have been brought to their knees through greed, corruption, and violence. The ultimate in EGO power is to rule the World. It is hard to fight the enemy when they have an outpost in your head. Understanding that the organized Religion’s who control people through FEAR, are the ones who hide the truth about wealth and power. Fear is a tool of those who wish harm on another. This Hell that you fear is in your mind, in your life, if you believe it. What is the alternative to the Gloom and Doom as predicted by The Holy Bible?

It is Love and Light achieved by applying Jesus Christ’s teachings. We can change the World. Why do you think the Catholic Church is condemning The Da Vinci Code? Are they still hiding behind the Truth, Wealth, and Power? Starting with the Christ, look at all those who were killed at the Church’s hands. What secrets that have been rumored really are true.

Since we know how the Bible has predicted the end, can we have another vote? If predictions of premonitions are dependant upon the knowledge at the time of interpretation, then we have a chance to change the future. If thought creates form, what do you think? Is it time that we get the whole truth and love of Her-story?

God is within, that still small voice, the gut. The God Unto Thee, Good Orderly Direction. When was the last time that you listened to your gut and were wrong? Living by example, practicing what you preach, to be responsible for our thoughts, actions, and words. If we bless others we bless ourselves. When we curse others we bring it back to us. That 3 Fold Law is one finger pointed out and three pointed back. To turn the other cheek is allowing someone to have the negative energy return to them.

Spirituality will be explained scientifically. The Earth changes that the Ancient Spiritual Texts have predicted are becoming more apparent. This is a cleansing, a renewing of the values in life. The corrupt will fall; the disasters will reveal treasures that have long been hidden. The truth will be revealed and the people will come together in love during the times of tragedy. Out of bad comes good. It’s all good. Namaste!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

where is marijuana a criminal offence?

To solve a problem one must go to the root of it. Why is a once prescribed herbal remedy now a criminal drug charge punishable by law, when it could be used as a solution to several problems? Why is it a criminal offense when the adverse effects are nil in comparison to alcohol? If we are going to criminalize a substance then alcohol should be on the top of the list, followed by cigarettes in regards to bodily damage by a controlled substance.

If we were to look at the real reason that marijuana is criminalized, we would find that it is profit motivated. We would immediately decrease the need for lawyers and judges in the Criminal Justice System. How many people tie up the courts with possession and paraphernalia charges not linked to any other criminal charge? How much is spent in the enforcement that could be averted to more pressing matters?

The benefits and byproducts of marijuana far out weigh any negative effects of its use. The documented medical proof is obviously going against the FDA’s requirement that only a drug could cure a disease. How many Big Pharmaceutical sales would be lost by the public using natural herbal cures? How many suicide side effects of these drugs could have been averted using a natural remedy and not a synthetic with known side effects of such? Not to mention the many Corporate Industries that would have cheaper alternative to their products. Food, rope, clothing, paper, oil, and renewable fuel source just to name a few.

When we have all the facts, we have to question; where is marijuana a criminal offense?