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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fatal Diagnosis

There needs to be a Law enacted that will properly give human rights to people suffering with the fatal disease of alcoholism and addiction.

Most people who are arrested are then required to pay for a drug and alcohol evaluation. These are questions to what educational test? People need to be educated so they understand the illness before there can be a diagnosis.

Too many afflicted persons are incarcerated as bad people, who at the time of arrest were possessed by spirits, ingested through consumption of alcohol and drugs. Had they been in a sober state of mind they would never have committed such acts.

We need to question the reason for our jails and prisons. Are they meant to rehabilitate those convicted to become productive members of Society or are they just numbers for financial gain? Do the owners of these private Institutions also have a financial interest in the alcohol or pharmaceutical industry?

Too many people have been discriminated against because they are afflicted with a fatal illness. This issue needs to be addressed if we want a solution to this problem that destroys the family and its community. The disease passing from one generation to the next manifesting undetected. We do not know what we do not know until we are taught.

If the family is to stop this insidious disease then education is a must. Intensive treatment should be given for alcohol and drug related offenses. These are medically “sick” people. Not the “bad” people convicted and housed in Private Criminal Institutions for financial gain. If therapy were implemented comparable to the insanity of the person at the time of the offense, a suitable counseling could help a family recover from the ravages of this fatal illness. Thereby alleviating the repeating and escalating violent acts committed when diagnosis goes undetected passed down through the generations.

We have to consider the fact that the stock holders are housing those they entice with their other stock holdings. They profit off the disease and decay in Society.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hitler and King James

When we look at the atrocities of the Hitler Regime, we can see what fear and hatemongering has done. When one person states who is good and evil, what power do we give them for the destruction of human lives for material greed? How many people have been tortured, raped, and killed because of religious conviction? What Religions have built their ranks at the tip of the sword?

The Berwick Witch trials in Scotland are stated to be only second to Germany in the barbarity and numbers killed. Ask a Jew if Hitler rewrote the Bible if they would still consider it Holy.

King James of the Bible translation fame was instrumental in the Berwick Witch trials. When he published “Daemonologie” he felt that he was doing God’s work, damning with lies of Devil worship when Witches do not even believe in the devil. What would prompt such visceral fear and horrific recriminations towards individuals believed capable of premonitions and prophetic visions? Their land and possessions were taken as payment for these criminal trials. ”Second Sight” knowing things beyond the reach of the physical senses before they happened was considered damning to the accused. If you had information or foreknowledge of horrific disasters before they occurred would you want to know and would you tell?

Ask the Indians, Africans, and Aborigines, the cost of White mans greed in their lives. Those who respect all plants, animals, and human beings, understanding these are a part of the whole Universe. Why do we continue to damn those who do not think, act, and do as “proper” moral standards dictate.

Jesus said that we could do what he did and more if only we believed. If he could walk on water then why can we not walk on fire? He said to love others as ourselves. Do we only quote what we believe or do we truly live and practice what we preach? Those without sin cast the first stone.

Would you like someone to explain these Earth changes the World is experiencing, now that we know Global warming is a farce? Will you believe scientifically or spiritually based facts? When we believe authority as truth and not truth as authority we lose the full potential of a Nation.

All Spiritual texts are prophetic. Predictions of premonitions are dependent upon the information at the time of the interpretation. That means we have a chance to change the future.

Wicca is now recognized as a religion by our U.S. Constitution, protected by the First Amendment. Is it not time that we learn what they can teach us? In perfect love and perfect trust they believe. Mother Earth is sending out smoke signals. Who can correctly interpret them? The wise men and women who know follow stars.