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Friday, September 16, 2011

Homeless woman harrassed by Buncombe County Commissioners 9-13-11

Taking away the people's 1st Amendment rights is like telling our kids to play in the streets... what are we fighting for if not for our rights and freedom?

Go Back through all the Mountain X articles and forums regarding URTV and let the facts speak for themselves. View the Buncombe County Commissioners meetings and compare quotes in the local media.

I think the people should be educated on the facts not slander and libel fiction.

Greed is forefront of much corruption. Why is the Mountain X not investigating and reporting on the corruption that is presented at County meetings?

URTV was the best public access station in the State and a model for the Nation in public access potential. The organization and the people should have been commended on the accomplishments. Not distracted by slander, libel, court, 7 audits in 5 years to consistently prove the organization was properly managed and flourishing.

As soon as a reliable attorney steps up to the plate the Law suit will be filled. Until then the evidence piles up.

Let facts speak for themselves. Sometimes, Truth is Brutal. Fair is fair.