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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Holiday Blues

Happy Happy Merry Merry
my life is so contrary

A wish to be with Loved ones denied
no cash to visit or for presents I cried

Alone I sit and study law for those who do not care
even though in the bounty they will share
nor would they do it, they would not dare

To fight for our Rights
that are denied with delights

That Peace and Goodwill
is my goal even still

Happy for those
who get the new clothes

The presents fit for a King
don't make the Heart sing
like Justice for all let it ring

Hopefully soon I won't be so blue
maybe others will get the clue

That Freedom is not Free it comes with a price
Santa doesn't come to some, even if nice

Enjoy the festivities and Holiday cheer
remember who fights to protect you thru the year

In the lands near and far
we are
ever Vigilant as a Star

The Wise men seek
and the corrupt will weep

When the light shines bright
on the darkest night

then the loss and the pain
will be worth the gain

There is nothing worth celebrating more than Freedom