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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Divine in Action

To me, it is Divine in action. I look to see where all things tie in together. How things mesh. Numbers, words, all match somehow. Feeling the energy that surrounds all things, it is like a pinball game of Life. Who are you bouncing off today? Did you take on any energy from the negative person and carry that to the next one. Will that person again absorb the negative energy, or wish you a good day, glad that it is not them with the bad attitude. In fact when we play God in our own lives, we want free will. That self will runs riot and affects others who in turn bounce off the same energy, unless they have made other plans and accept that no matter what happens, a power greater is in charge.

Being the God of our lives, if we understand that thought creates form we wonder how much disease that we manifest into our own lives. When we say someone is a pain in the neck or arse. Did you get a hemorrhoid or that pain in the neck? When we say it is heavy on our hearts do we develop heart problems? Our wastes should be flushed from our bodys everyday. How many think that is just physically or really understand that resentments are like swallowing poison and waiting for someone else to die? Those expectations are premeditated resentments. We expect someone to act as we want not accepting that self will wants to take over in everyone. We are pained by others words and actions. Internalizing that pain it manifests into dis-ease. Disease: a condition of an organism that impairs normal psychological functioning. Psychological: the science of mind, emotions, and behavior. The emotional characteristics and behavior associated with an individual. Can you see the connection between what we think and our Health? That outward thought manifests internally as Disease.

Where did these thoughts come from? We are born pure love. That is all we know. We are fresh souls in a soft, sensuous, purity of human skin. The mind of a child who trusts, who see, who communicates with the other side, until they are told their friends do not exist. Because that is what we have been taught. We become corrupted by the thoughts that are instilled in our minds. We dont know what we dont know, until we are taught. Is what you have been taught the truth? How do you know? Have you questioned or just accepted. Have you looked at it from one point of view or as God, from all angles?

We cant drive forward looking in the rear view mirror. Too much junk in the trunk and we are going to break down. Forgiveness is the best thing that we can do for ourselves. The load that is lifted is immense, when we forgive others for not being as perfect as we are.

Mother Earth is our Mother as long as we are on the Planet Earth. Our Earthly shells encase our Spirit, our soul, our energy. We are all connected by our DNA in some form. When we harm one, we harm all. Remember the bouncing off energy?
The live growing plants contain vital nutrients that our bodies need. When your body becomes a tomb for dead animals, it begins to decay. Why does your crap stink? Herbals work with our bodies to keep a healthy balance. Most of the processed foods that we eat today are processed with man made chemicals. How do you like those big milk jugs on our little girls who drink milk with hormones in it? We ingest substances with cancer causing carcinogens and wonder why we have cancer.

The polluted Mother is sick. The greed for power and money has taken its toll on Earth. She is getting ready to sneeze and rid herself of what is ailing her. Look at our lakes and streams. Can you see the bottom as we once could? What has been put in those waters thinking that it would be diluted? Not caring if it destroyed the Earth, because it meant more profit for us. What chemicals have seeped into our water supply that we ingest? Not even the poisons chlorine and fluoride come close to the dangers of these. The waters of New Orleans what has been disclosed about the chemicals that were spilt. No one has yet answered these questions. What monsters can we expect to come out of the water? As predicted in Revelations.

Take an honest look at yourself. You are a Divine Spiritual being that is trapped in a Human form. As long as you are on Earth you will be an affect to it, in one form or another. Will you be responsible for your thoughts, words, and actions? Or blame others for your short comings? That 3 Fold Law is in effect. What do you put out and expect to get back?

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