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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Captain's Blog: "Hyperdimensional Katrina": Scientific Evidence -- NEW Rita Update! -- 7:33 PM- 9/26/05

Captain's Blog: "Hyperdimensional Katrina": Scientific Evidence -- NEW Rita Update! -- 7:33 PM- 9/26/05Predictions of Premonitions
Interpretations of the Premonitions are dependant upon the Knowledge at the time of the Prediction. That means we can change the future, understanding the Ancient Spiritual Texts. The problem is, most do not realize there is a problem. "No Thank you, I don't want to know." Shame these will be the first to cry for help when the time comes. Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ. You would not believe me if I told you.

I had contacted the World Trade Center; regarding a Glow in the Dark Escape Route System in 1994. The Installation of the Egress System is one of the things credited with saving so many lives. The reason for NYC Local Law 26.

I had a dream of the attack 2 years before it happened. It is not over yet. I see them coming south on the river to the west.

Studying the symbolism of the signs, I have foreseen many premonitions come true.

The signs are ......July…...4....poison…...water…...mall…..DC...

Deciphering the clues that were given...

(symbol of mall is rectangle.....starts from one end.....numbers 7 & 4.... 29....poison sound like.......DC.....two words.......Government related)

glowjupiter (7/8/2005 1:29:04 AM): Belle Chasse, Plaquemines Parish. Louisiana oil refinery.... hit of Dennis........Bounce off the Keys....what comes in two's comes in 3's......telling you before

glowjupiter (7/8/2005 9:04:06 PM): what would happened if the gas would mix with PVC chemicals?

BP Oil Company Conoco Phillips Plaquesmines Parrish Georgia Gulf Paquemine LA

Are these facilities Hurricane Proof?

The 29th is going to be another bad date.

PLEASE take this request Seriously. Where are the Railcar Location Status - Chemicals and PVC Resins

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Lisa Landis

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