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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sex, Politics, and Crime

Sex, Politics, and Crime, if prostitution is the oldest profession then when did it become a criminal act? Is prostitution a crime or is it a moral standard? When weighing the evils between the two, on one hand there is an act where one person is an innocent victim to an action that will scar them for life. On the other hand you have an agreement between two consenting adults. Is the problem to be dealt with realistically or morally? Do we have the right to force moral standards on each other? Unless those standards intentionally harm another human, then where should they be set?

In our civilization when we have a need we look to find an answer. At one time horses were needed as a mode of transportation. That need was reduced when the automobile was invented. Therefore the need in our Society was changed. We no longer needed them and few want them. Prostitution is stated to be the oldest profession. In other words, prostitution fills a need in our Society. Until there is no such need there will always be a demand.

Self sexual pleasure is the only pleasure that we can give ourselves. Other than that we seek pleasure outside ourselves. Many children are taught not to touch themselves. Taught that they are bad if they do, instilling guilt, insecurity, and depravity.

Is there a difference between prostitution and pornography? They are both done with consenting adults, adult being the operative word. Both are done behind closed doors. One is for private consumption the other for public viewing. One is illegal and the other legal. The only considerable difference is the amount of money being paid for the same act.

In our Society it is acceptable for a man to take a woman out on a date. He buys her flowers, food or drinks and then takes her home for free sex. Is that sex free or was she bought and paid for using the barter system? Who is the cheaper whore; Jill who sleeps with Bill for a three dollar drink of Jack or Jane who sleeps with Jack for a Three hundred dollar Bill? In reality unless they are married there is some form of prostitution being committed. Sex is always an exchange of energy in some form.

What is the difference between sexual therapists and women who charge for their services, besides the price difference of their sessions? Women become psychiatrists to the men who come to see them. Weekly, monthly or bi-monthly, they continue where they left off. These men learn to trust and confide their inner most problems and secrets.

Behind those closed doors many fantasy sessions are preformed. These women become great actresses playing roles that would nominate them for Oscars. Actresses in our Society are highly regarded in the roles that they play. The differences is knowing that the men who act opposite them in fantasy would act out in reality if there were no such place for them to perform such an act.

Some of these men are rapists and child molesters. These men come in to satisfy a sick need they have to prey on innocent victims of sadistic crimes. If there was no outlet for them to fantasize their actions then they would look to reality to fulfill their desires.

Brutal rapes where women are tied up and then knives are used to cut off their clothing before being raped. In a private session both of them know the role that they are playing. No one gets hurt and one is compensated for their acting performance. What acting could a child do when someone wants to molest them? There are men who come specifically looking for women who look like young girls and boys. The language that is spoken is one between an adult and child. What an adult wants to do to a child, things that an adult should never say and do to a child. In these sessions there are no victims only consenting adults, acting out in fantasy instead of reality.

Men who want to have power over women, who want to control them, to be the superior person. For whatever reason they have, it is done with a willing participant. What is wrong for a man who has uncontrolled desires to fulfill them without including another person who would be an innocent victim to a senseless crime.

This is not to say that all men are looking to degrade someone. There are several reasons a man goes to see a working girl. Some men are single and do not want the commitment of a relationship. Some want the variety of women offered. Others come in only to talk to someone of the opposite sex. The regularity of the visits is just as varied. Some come in once a week, some save up their money for months just for one visit.

Like the men who want to dominate women, there are those who want women to dominate them. Research has shown that the majority of men who want to be dominated are from Religions where physical or mental abuse is instilled in them with regularity. They come in wanting to be verbally or physically abused. Some of the physical actions are beyond belief because they are disgustingly grotesque. Were they victimized in the same way as children? Is this their way of breaking a vicious cycle or how they need to be treated to feel that they are loved. Is this their way of believing the girls are committing a sin against them, as if they are redeeming the woman, asking the Lord to forgive her? The worse the sin the better they feel after their confession.

The statement that men are dogs, is that true? Animals have the need to procreate. Do men have these same carnal desires or just giving into untamed urges? When in public they present themselves as meek, mild, and controlled, but behind closed doors they're unleashed inhibitions take over.
The men who frequent the ladies do not consider this cheating. Most truly love their wives and families. They go there because something is missing and they do not want the problems and commitment associated with having a mistress.
One thing is certain; customers come from all walks of life. From blue collar and white collar, to the judges of our court system, who prosecute and condemn these women. He is the man next door.

In the same way as there isn't a stereotype of the man who visits a lady, the same is to be said of the type of woman who works there. What kind and why a woman works in the business. One thing they have in common, few of the ladies like what they are doing.

A lot of the times their private sex lives are destroyed. They loose trust in men. Just because they understand men better, does not mean they like them any better. A good result of the job is the confidence level of the women is boosted tremendously.

Most of them are single mothers who are trying to make a better life for themselves and their children. Women who would have to work 40 hours a week overtime, just to get a decent paycheck. Women who do not want to rely on a welfare system to survive.

They are your neighbors. One who you would least expect. She works to get a car, to go to school to learn a new trade, one that would pay as much if not more than she earns in the business. When working the business she has money for emergencies. They are survivors who have a desire to live a good life.

Some of them have boyfriends or husbands. Some of whom understand and support the women in knowing that to them it's "just a job". Most of the men do not like what the women do, so their job is not a topic of conversation.

In trying to close down this industry, are the police officers just in doing their job or are they using unscrupulous actions to assert their authority. Does this mean that they have the right to receive sexual favors using public money in order to arrest a woman? A police officer takes an oath to serve and protect. This does not mean self serve and protect them selves with a cover up. Should they be allowed to inject themselves into a customer's private life by calling them at home or visiting them at their job sites harassing them until the police are told what they want to hear by using blackmail tactics? Is it easier for the police to go after the working girl rather than arrest criminals who would put their lives in jeopardy?

Is this why there is an underground sex trade? The demand is there but the supply is taken away when the houses of ill repute are closed down. Do those responsible for the closing have vested interest in these underground sex prisons, holding the women and young girls against their will for their own financial gains, paying others for their silence?

This is not condoning street prostitution or the pimps who keep them there. Those acts are physiological. These women are usually drug addicted and work for their next fix. Uncaring when they pass on sexually transmitted diseases to the unsuspecting wives at home. In house services are psychological; they fill a need in our Society. Who is to judge the morals of another person? Morals belong to the masses. Dignity belongs to the individual. When someone puts the safety of Humanity before their own, then what is that sacrifice worth?
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