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Friday, November 20, 2015

Gemini Astrology & Tarot for 2016 Divination Reading by Mystic GLoLady

Gemini Astrology & Tarot for 2016 Divination Reading by Mystic GLoLady

Mercury Retrogrades:
Electrical, Mechanical Communication Breakdowns
January 6, 2016 at 1 degree of Aquarius until January 26th at 14 degree Capricorn (Watch career changes)
April 29th at 23 degree Taurus until May 23rd at 14 degree Taurus
(Watch money, possessions)
August 31st at 29 degree Virgo until September 22nd at 14 degree Virgo (Watch Work, Health)
December 19th at 15 degree Capricorn (Watch Career)

Mars Retrograde April 18th at 8 degree Sagittarius until June 30th at 23 degrees Scorpio ( Mars Rules Scorpio watch assassinations, destruction behind the scenes)

Jupiter Retrograde January 6th at 23 degree Virgo until May 10 at 13 degree Virgo (Jupiter retrograde increases obsessions, mental illness) Remember Genius hinges on Insanity, only when we are not true to ourselves. Go on that Spiritual Quest open your 3rd eye.

Saturn Retrograde March 25th at 16 degree Sagittarius until August 13th at 9 degree Sagittarius (Loss, depression, pain) If you have not learned to let go of what is not working, the lesson will become more painful.

Uranus retrograde September 1st at 24 degree Aries until December 29th at 20 degree Aries (Individual, Non-conformist) After surviving the year so far, Who have you become? Can you recognize your unique talents and gifts to share with the World?

Neptune is retrograde June 14th 12 degree Pisces until November 20th at 9 degree Pisces (Truth is revealed) Do not escape with alcohol and drugs but share in the vibrations of Universal Love.

Pluto retrograde April 18th at 17 degree Capricorn until September 28th at 14 degree Capricorn (Dealing with inner fears

2016 is a Year of Change... Ready to ride the wave to a new Consciousness or will you be Crushed in the forced transformation?

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