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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Portfolio part one 1980-2002

See My Portfolio part one 1980-2002 On Indiegogo fund raising to start over One More Time!

Nuked at Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident in March 1979, nine months later an idea glow in the dark clothing was born. It took 7 years of Research & Development to invent glow in the dark clothing. Glow Butts the original glow in the dark underwear and GLo For It! Originals.
Introduced, produced, and designed clothing for fashion shows in two of the top Nights clubs in the World. Then I invented glow in the dark safety products contacted the World Trade Center regarding a glow in the dark escape route system. It was not mine that was installed but one that is now the reason of Local Law 26 in New York City.
Business accolades then personal challenges destroyed the business, home, family, my mind. The light went out on my dreams and all that I lived, loved, and worked for. That was in 1995.
All the gory details in between now and then will be in my "thick" edge of your seat book. The many times of starting over and the people who tried to destroy me. Search GLoLady on the web for a content preview. Not dull and boring by any means.
Recharged and needing to spread the light I am reintroducing my Glow in the dark clothing lines: GLo For It! & Glow Butts. Established 1987 and they are still GLo' In Good.
Now you know why I am called # GLoLady Enlightening the masses one Glow Butt at a time. Thank you for your support, you will not be sorry you did.

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