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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Silenced by local government | Mountain Xpress | Asheville, NC

We The People Want To Speak!

Silenced by local government | Mountain Xpress | Asheville, NC

If our government is of the people, for the people and by the people, then why is our government taking from the people? Why is our government constantly trying to stop the people from gathering and sharing information? What does our government wish to cover up? Why was the information that exposed the corruption in our local government silenced?

Who is responsible for arresting innocent people in their overzealous attempt to discredit, undermine and punish? Occupy Asheville wants to educate the public concerning corruption, misuse of power and financial culpability, among other important things for survival in these economic times.

The government TV stations are supported by twice the funds allotted for the people's public access. With Asheville and Buncombe County receiving almost $3 million in video sales tax and Public, Education and Government revenues in 2011, how can we honestly say there was no funding for the people? Buncombe County reported an excess of $300,000 in the General Fund. This is money that should have been honored by contract for public access. This attempt to "charge" for free speech is another attempt by local officials to silence the people.

In our public-access station at Western North Carolina Community Media Center, we the public had a place to assemble in order to communicate with the rest of our community. There were people who had jobs and were starting small businesses at URTV. Let's finally get the truth out. URTV was not mismanaged; seven audits in five years proved that.

We the people want to gather and communicate with each other. If our government does not listen to the people speak then they need to resign the position they were elected to fill. (See some of my videos from Occupy Asheville protests at and

— Lisa Landis
Editor’s note: Xpress could not verify the specific funding figures that Landis cites in her letter. County Manager Wanda Greene told Xpress via email that the “numbers are inaccurate,” although supporters of URTV, a program of the disbanded WNCCMC, continue to dispute such claims. For more about the issue, visit

Imagine... the figures not correct? Well then what figures were sent to me by the County and City, because those are the figures I quoted. Is this another ploy to keep the truth from coming out?

Ask the County and City for the itemized budget of their Government channels for the last 4 years. Ask to see how much money was received in video sales tax and PEG revenues. Look on your cable bill to see what you are charged and still do not have public access. Listen to the December 6, 2011 Buncombe County Commissioners meeting to hear the excess in the General Fund:

As with the Occupy movement, local Government does not wish to honor our 1st Amendment rights. They try to discredit and deny the real issues any chance they get.

I was targeted and arrested for participating in a march on November 2, 2011, that their video evidence will prove my innocence. My voice is questioning the officer about the legalities. My video of the march uploaded on youtube the day before my arrest on Nov 5, 2011, has the tittle Occupy Asheville march with police escort. I was acting as media, same as the cameraman for WLOS. My arrest was meant to discredit, undermine, and intimidate. I had just received an application to volunteer at the jail as a Reverend and for AA meetings. I did Not want to do Anything to be arrested for. This Is A Waste Of Tax Payers Money!!!

My goal is Justice for All.... Not just for a select few of the richest who continue to suppress the people for their own greed.

This is one of the TV shows they wanted to silence because it revealed too much corruption in our local Government:

If we do not hold them accountable, they will continue to oppress the people. Ignorance is easier to control, because knowledge is power.

Stand up for your rights, Before they are gone!

This is a video clip of my actions at the march on November 2, 2011.

In this video hear me speaking with officer Lynn Frasier (who was video taping evidence for the arrests) about the Asheville police department working with the people.

This is a video of arrests on November 5, 2011. How will you feel when you are arrested and Not Told Why?

I Was Targeted To Silence My Voice. The charges filed against me are bogus. This is a deliberate attempt to discredit, undermine, and intimidate. These charges will be used as figures that Occupy Asheville cost the tax payers.

We The People Want To Communicate with the rest of our Community. That is what brings the Unity. To Deny Communication Is A Violation Of Our 1ST AMENDMENT RIGHT.... Who Is Responsible For This In-Justice? When will you be next?

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