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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Colors in you and me

My job is to plant seeds for another point of view. If they grow, they grow, it is not all about me and you.

I am colorful.... not crazy.... different than you but I am not blue.

You’re looking yellow as a chicken or green with jealously?

Up on a pink cloud the skies so clear, the blue it is unreal. No pollution to distort the appeal.

Such beauty in the mountains the cities are pleasures of skin.

If we used our red for passion in love and not the anger leads to blood and things turn black.

Orange the fruit with healing it is the color too.

Purple the color of Royalty of Heavenly Astral planes.

The rainbow effect in the proud red white and blue how is you?

The multi colors in your coat of arms that plain. Is it worn from the times you stumbled and crawled or worn proudly in vain?

The iridescent bubble surrounds me as I bounce happily along.

The sharp pricks of your boxes have done their damage too, black and white so plainly seen conformed it’s true.

Multi colors scents of spice, oh sugar are you nice?

For this lesson what is your price?

The Ancients told the coat of many colors so well worn, beginning with a crown of thorn.

We are born again above the sin I am better than you they cry.

When held inside the poison festers till it spews and splashes your view.

How many will die before we see the colors in you and me?
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