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Thursday, December 11, 2008

What the World needs now is Love!

For the past 30 years I have tried to build business after business with nickels and dimes. Only to have them be destroyed by circumstances beyond my control. The foresight we see play out in today’s World. What fortunes could have been made by now? With a little help and support?

There have been people try to take me down thru lies and untruths of their own distorted perception of reality. Those who were close used the knife to the back. Taking what was most treasured leaving the rest in a heap laughing at the mess the deadly disease enfolded.

Those sticks and stones were gathered, looking at each and every one for their strength and flaws. Now from the mountain that was built, I see from the direction they were thrown. How long were they stored in the closets of their ancestor? Why do they fear, why don’t they love, and what were they taught?

Spiritual malady is the disease that needs to be fixed before we all die away, the dis-ease and decay in Society today. The EGO’s in charge are easing God out, exchanged for selfish desires of material possessions of wealth and control.

My wish to you is to be well and happy, to reap what you sow, as above so below. For the joy in being true to yourself, despite all the insecurities and inadequacies instilled since birth. Be the best we can be is what we should do. No mater if it makes sense to me and to you. Divine is the plan when you see lessons learned. Past mistakes become bridges for others and dreams become rainbows of faith. To love and be love is the answer.

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